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Dr Comfort Diabetic Footwear

Dr Comfort is the worldwide leading provider of diabetic footwear.  It recognises the need for STYLE, COMFORT and QUALITY in the therapeutic shoe industry.

Today the Dr Comfort family of comfort footwear includes diabetic shoes, prescription and non-prescription inserts, diabetic socks, slippers, sandals and compression hosiery.

Your Comfort Comes First

The classic craftsmanship and sophisticated style of Dr Comfort are a must for anyone in search of the finest quality in a comfort shoe. Designed as a diabetic shoe, it also provides many protective and comfort features for all kinds of wearers. Prescription diabetic footwear can help you to prevent more serious foot health complications that can arise as a result of diabetes.

For further information on the full Dr Comfort diabetic footwear range, or if you’d like to try on or buy a pair, contact Andy Blecher on 021 797 6967 

Andy Blecher Podiatrist

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