Andy Blecher Podiatrist

Andy's fields of interest

Andy Blecher’s main fields of interest are as follows:

  1. General foot care – the treatment of corns, calluses, nail conditions and ingrown toenails
  2. Verruca/Plantar Warts – Andy has a special interest in treating warts, especially in children Sports podiatry – this includes the assessment of the foot in motion and the prescription of appropriate insoles and/or orthotics)
  3. Paediatric/Child footcare
  4. Diabetic foot assessment and treatment, including the gold standard treatment of foot ulcers by the application of a Total Contact Cast (TCC). 

Whatever your foot problem, Andy will give you sound advice as to the optimum path of treatment to follow.

The diabetic foot

diabetic foot podiatrist

As this is one of Andy’s special interests, she serves on the Western Cape committee of the Diabetic Foot Working Group (DFWG).  This voluntary association serves as the overall representative body to promote awareness and optimal management of diabetics with foot problems. Its objectives include the prevention of amputation, promoting academic standards and the establishment of relationships amongst role players. 

Andy also currently runs the Western Cape Diabetic Foot Clinic with a team of other specialists.

What’s more, she is the only podiatrist in the Western Cape with an advanced wound care private practitioner on her premises. Anne Berzen shares Andy’s special interest and this adds great value in terms of the multidisciplinary approach that is expected today in diabetic foot clinics worldwide.

Andy is also a member of the CAWCC Working Group – brief details below. See for full details.

diabetic foot podiatrist
Andy Blecher Podiatrist

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